Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, January 01, 2012

ZION 2012-The Year of Slaughter

Readers of my blogs will be aware by now of the blatant zionist symbolism present in the 2012 olympic games symbol and the incident it created last year with Iran`s refusal to participate in the games due to this symbol. You will also recall David Cameron-Levita`s response and his defence of the illegal rogue terrorist state of Israel.
Could the prophecy of Nostradumus relating to the games of slaughter be a reference to ZION 2012 and will this prophecy be fulfilled this year? The British government is clearly not taking any chances with its use of the army and surface to air missiles to protect the games. Will the olympic games coincide with Israel`s and the NWO`s coming war against Iran?
By using this blatantly zionist symbol Britain is flying its colours on the zionist side and is thus both a danger and an enemy to the indigenous Aryan peoples of this country.
When the war against Iran-the land of the Aryans commences whose side will you be cheering for, zionist Britain and the illegal Jewish state of Israel or the land of the Aryans?
This war in effect has already begun in both cyber space and in the form of CIA operatives blowing up military installations in Iran, something which is going unreported in the zionist cotrolled western media. But moreover the war has also begun in other dimensions-spiritual dimensions included and this conflict will represent the age old cosmic war between the Aryan sons of light-the solar race and the followers of the semitic demiurge.
If anyone watched the New Year celebrations in London this morning they will have heard the overt reference to the 2012 olympic games. Indeed for a while now it has become impossible to avoid references to this and the zionist symbol which is having a negative effect of the collective psyche of the masses. No doubt the ubiquitous display of this symbol is having an effect in softening the herd for the next "war on terror" by the peace loving governents of the UK and USA and the collective amnesia about the previous lies for a pretext of war against middleeastern countries will be forgotten.
It should be noted that the logo is the design of the Jewish `brand consultancy` known as Wolff Olins. The firm was established in 1965 by Michael Wolff and Wally Olins, Jews who are renown for their Illuminati type designs. The creation of this logo was no accident. Firms like this put a lot of thought into their designs and it is beyond belief that they did not see the obvious. Anyone interested in learning more about this company need only do a search on the Internet. The marketing world is dominated by Jews and the powerful influence of marketing and thus of Jews should not be underestimated.
The question is, when will the world wake up to the activities of the `chosen people` and do something about it? Only when this question is resolved will we be able to deal with the invasion of our sacred Aryan lands by the alien hordes and the traitors and self-haters of our own race who are actively working for our destruction.

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IC1MALE said...

Some say the card is meant to represent a clock in Tokyo rather than Londons Big Ben. However - they are wearing the Olympic colours on their t-shirts.